Leigh Remedios, Coach

First professional fight in 1997
MMA British, International and World Champion
Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
Black Belt Jujitsu
Black Belt Judo
Black Belt Brazilian Jiujitsu 
European NoGi Champion
Masters International Champion
UFC Veteran
Polaris Veteran

Shane Mansfield, Coach

“I joined the gym in 2006, out of shape and with no combat experience. I now have a winning professional MMA record, various gold medals in BJJ at national events and coach at the gym. Getting into this sport has changed my lifestyle and I now look forward to teaching others and passing this knowledge/experience on whilst continuing to compete for as long as possible.”

Tammi Willis, Women’s Coach

Tammi started training in 2012 in London, before moving to Asia and starting a “garage” gym with friends in Myanmar in 2014. Tammi then moved to train at Bangkok Fight Lab in Thailand in 2016, receiving her brown belt in March 2021. Tammi is an experienced competitor, winning gold at the Copa de Bangkok.

Billy Gibbs, Coach VT Jiujitsu Somerset

Billy started training MMA in 2011 and is undefeated in 7 amateur fights. Billy increased his focus on BJJ in 2017, medalling regularly, and built a private studio in 2021.

Phil Else, Coach VT Jiujitsu Buckinghamshire

Phil is a lifeling martial artist, competing in various styles of martial arts competition, including kickboxing, BJJ and MMA. As a professional MMA competitor, Phil held two domestic titles. Phil started coaching in 2002 and has coached a number of competitors. Phil started training with VT Jiujitsu in 2007 and runs the Gods of War Martial Arts, with an affiliated VT Jijitsu BJJ program.