Shane Mansfield, MMA Fighter and Coach

"I joined the gym in 2006, out of shape and with no combat experience. I now have a winning professional MMA record, various gold medals in BJJ at national events and coach at the gym. Getting into this sport has changed my lifestyle and I now look forward to teaching others and passing this knowledge/experience on whilst continuing to compete for as long as possible."

Dave Slade, Assistant Coach

"Joining VTJJ is one of the best decisions I've made. Training at VTJJ has helped me to learn a wide variety of effective techniques as well as improving my fitness and self confidence."

Paul Reed, Top 10 MMA Fighter

"Leigh is a great coach. He has a vast knowledge of mma techniques, and an attention to detail that means nothing is missed. In terms of fighting professionally everything is covered and I've learned a great deal from training with him."

Phil Else, Pro MMA Fighter

"The class is always well structured and conducted in a professional but relaxed way. Leigh has a great depth of knowlege in all areas of MMA but is particularly good at teaching the wrestling and submission aspect`s. As a competitor myself, I think his greatest attribute as a coach is his personal experience in competitions. I have confidence in everything he teaches because I know he has made it work himself, on the mat and in the cage."